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Our April/May 2019 Show
The Crucible

In April/May 2019, True Rep presented the 1953 play, The Crucible, where playwright Arthur Miller employs a fictionalized account of Massachusetts Bay colonists accused of witchcraft in 1692 as a metaphor for government persecution of suspected communists during the mid-20th century. 

True Rep's production of The Crucible was directed by Jason Slavick.


Andy Riel as John Proctor

Lisa Caron Driscoll as Parris

Ted Lillys as Putnam and the Nurse

Donald Sheehan as Hale and Mercy

Chris Bailey Bradshaw as Danforth and Ann Putnam

Stephen Doherty as Corey

Christa Dunn as Elizabeth Proctor

Sara McNulty as Abigail Williams

Julie Butler as Mary Warren and Tituba

Lisa Caron Driscoll/Stasia O’Brien as Willard

Stasia O’Brien as Rebecca Nurse

Performances were Friday, April 26th & Saturday, April 27th and Friday, May 3rd & Saturday, May 4th.


Featured review:

Thank you to Sharon Kelsch and her kids (ages 13 and 11)  for such a heartfelt review. She posted this on her personal page and was gracious enough to allow us to share it.


“Last night all games were cancelled and we (the kids and I) found ourselves with a rare night to ourselves.


The Crucible is one of my favorite plays as it’s plot deals with a time in our history that has always fascinated me.

They dressed up (Sam’s idea ) and took me to the theater!

About the only preconception I had was that this performance would be on a stage with typical props and scenes.

Noooope! No stage.

The audience was immersed. Up close and personal. It’s as if the Ghost of Christmas Past had transported us to 1692 to visit Reverend Parrish’s daughter’s bedroom. We were eavesdropping at the Proctor’s kitchen table. And we were witnesses during the trials.

The props and costumes were simple and modest, laying bare the actors and their scripts. They did not disappoint!

My 13 and 10 year-olds were two of the youngest in the room. I guess it’s not the type of play most parents think to take their children to see. But then, I’m not most parents.

They were forced to absorb heavy dialogue and complex adult narratives.

I did my best to whisper “Do you understand” to my 10yr old who was quick to hush me and say “yeah...yeah....SHHHH.”

The actors left one of mine crying and one in a state of outrage and disgust. I’ll let you guys guess who’s who!

And they left them with an indelible lesson:

In a world full of Rev. Parrishs and Abigail Williams and righteous Townfolk, be a John Proctor.

Take your babies to the theater! Take yourselves to THIS theater and see a wonderful performance!!”

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