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Our February/March 2020 Show
Steel Magnolias


In February/March 2020, True Rep presented Steel Magnolias, an hysterical comedy concerned with a group of gossipy, Southern ladies in a small town beauty parlor. This play is alternately hilarious and touching with humorously revealing verbal collisions that move towards a tragic end. A sudden realization of mortality affects the women deeply from which they draw on the underlying strength and love of their friendship, making them truly touching, funny and marvelously amiable company in good times and bad.

It featured:

Truvy – Sara McNulty

Annelle – Christa Dunn

Clairee – Ann Danby

Shelby – Katie Petillo

M’Lynn – Lisa Caron Driscoll

Ouiser – Chris Bailey

Directed by Donald Sheehan.

Performances were Friday, February 21st and 27th and Saturday, February 22nd and 29th at 8pm; and Sunday, February 23rd and March 1st at 3pm. All performances were at the Beal House.

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