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Our March 2022 Show
Ellen's Boys

ellen's boys poster saturday.png

True Repertory Theatre presented for their March 2022 show the new original play, Ellen’s Boys, by Braintree playwright Jim Sullivan. The play focused on the Flaherty family while living in their Dorchester triple decker in 1965.  Ellen, a widow who has raised six children on her own, must learn to accept the changing times and her aging children’s embrace of the future.  Her middle son, Gil, now in his thirties, still lives at home and struggles to come to terms with his sexuality in the face of his staunch Irish Catholic upbringing; and his mother’s attempts to marry him off.  We follow the Flaherty family through a tumultuous year of upheaval in which no secrets are safe, no boundaries are respected, and only their love for one another and their sense of humor can save them.  

Ellen's Boys featured:


Ellen Flaherty: Victoria Bond

Gil Flaherty: Donald Sheehan

John Flaherty: Paul Noonan

Michael Flaherty: Cody Savoy

Nathan Stein: Cammerron Baits

Tina Toccio: Sara McNulty

Patrick Walsh: Oliver Bellman

Kathleen Doherty: Julie Butler

Bridgie O' Halloran O' Toole: Lisa Caron Driscoll

Performances were March 18, 19, 25 and 26, at 8:00PM, and March 20 and 27, at 3:00PM.  All performances were at the Beal House.

Following the Sunday, March 20th performance, there was a reception and public discussion of the play with the cast and playwright Jim Sullivan.


True Rep’s community outreach program, Project 719, finds ways to support the community with every production.  One of the central themes in Ellen’s Boys deals with acceptance of differences, particularly surrounding the character of Gil, a gay man trying to come out to his unaccepting family.  With this production, True Rep partnered with LGBTQIA+ organizations to support the pride community.  They also launched the #audiencealive initiative; where the general public can donate tickets which will be made available to anyone who can’t afford to pay on their own.

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