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Our October 2018 show
Bedroom Farce

In October 2018, True Rep Theatre presented Alan Ayckbourn's hysterical comedy, "Bedroom Farce."  A hilarious comedy that presents a melee of events including certain philandering characters, all occurring within moments of one another. Ayckbourn's use of time and space makes the play a very intricate and sophisticated comedy while also portraying the deteriorating and rebuilding of relationships among four couples. The play explores the differences in relationships between the younger and older generations while capitalizing on unlikely issues that may strain the relationships even further. As the title implies, the play is an absurd farce, comparing and contrasting the differences between the young and old and the different troubles they encounter.

The show featured  Chris Bailey, Ted Lillys, Donald Sheehan, Victoria Bond, Paul Noonan, Stephanie Eaton, Stephen Doherty, and  Sara Sabins McNulty. 

Performances were Saturday, October 13th and 20th at 3pm & 8pm and Sunday, October 14th and 21st at 3pm.

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