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Our June 2019 show


PACTV segment about "Amateurs"

In June 2019, True Rep presented Amateurs, which follows the opening night of the Timberly Troupers' musical about undertakers, Dorothy and her slightly daft husband, Charlie, host a gathering of actors and friends. The chic opening night party is in another part of town, but into Dorothy's living room comes a guest list that includes Nathan (a recently divorced high school teacher who is also a very bad ventriloquist), Wayne (better at loving than acting), Jennifer (who has a sure shot at Hollywood stardom), Ernie (one of the Troupers' actors filled with ham and spite), Irene (his out of patience wife), Mona (who was in love with Wayne but has since moved on to someone else) and Paul (a well-known drama critic and friend of Dorothy's who has just broken his rule of never reviewing community theater). When Paul has a heart attack he drops his not-yet-published review before being taken to the hospital. The actors read it and confront the harsh reality.

True Rep Artistic Director Donald Sheehan directed the production and the cast included Chris Bradshaw Bailey as Dorothy, Russ Snow as Charlie, Stephen Doherty as Nathan Monroe, Kevin Morrow as Wayne Seabury, Victoria Bond (True Rep Associate Artistic Director) as Jennifer Collins, Lisa Caron Driscoll as Irene Chilmark, James Sullivan as Ernie Chilmark, Erin Nelson as Mona, and Dan Taylor as Paul Cortland.

Performances were Friday, June 21st, Saturday, June 22nd, Friday, June 28th & Saturday, June 29th at 8pm.

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